Have you got a shop, restaurant, pharmacy?

You think that card acceptance could support your business?

Are you interested in pre-paid top up?

You are not satisfied because terminals utilised currently seem to be too expensive?

You get irritated with quality of servicing?

You would like to implement a loyalty programme, pre-paid top up or other services enabled by POS terminals?

What we offer: 

  • Payment cards acceptance – in co-operation with Bank Partners
  • Pre-paid top up (TopPrepaid)
  • Loyalty programms adjusted to customers’ needs (TopLoyality)
  • Gift cards and electronic vouchers acceptance (BonCard, GiftCard System)


In addition:

  • Ability to create solutions dedicated to business profile
  • Leading edge terminals in variety of configurations (including portable and multi-lane)
  • POS terminal installation with professional training
  • Call centre support
  • Field service covering the whole Poland, dedicated per customer


TopPrepaid - products:


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